JOURLIN Yves, Professor Scientific coordinator, (Optical, micro/nano-structuration), Resp Task 0 and 4, yves.jourlin @ univ-st-etienne.fr

PARRIAUX Olivier, Prof Emeritus Design, plasmonics expert, olivier.parriaux @ univ-st-etienne.fr

VERRIER Isabelle, CR CNRS, Modelling (Responsible for task 1), isabelle.verrier @ univ-st-etienne.fr

BRUHIER Hugo, PhD Student, Lithography, plasmonic, instrumentation optical, optoelectronic, hugo.bruhier @ univ-st-etienne.fr

CRESPO-MONTEIRO Nicolas, Associate Professor, Modelling, Simulation, nicolas.crespo.monteiro @ univ-st-etienne.fr

CELLE Frédéric, Technician, Lithography, frederic.celle @ univ-st-etienne.fr

TURBIL Colette, R&D engineer, Template reproduction, NIL expert, colette.veillas @ univ-st-etienne.fr


BRUNET Jérôme, Associate Professor HDR, Molecular material deposition of thin layers, coordination of measurements in gas atmosphere, PhD supervisor. Resp Task 3.

NDIAYE Amadou, CNRS Engineer, Physics and chemical Characterization, Instrumentation, management of technical platforms

VARENNE Christelle, Associate Professor HDR, Deposition of nanometric metallic sensitive layers  

PAULY Alain, Professor, Formalization of involved mechanisms

GUEYE Thiaka, PhD Student, Development of microsensors, optical measurements in gas atmosphere, influence of interfering analytes, sensor optimization


TUROVER Daniel, Research Director, Team leader, Responsible for task 2

GATE Valentin, R&D Engineer, Nanoimprint Process ; Resin development  

TURBIL Colette, Technician, Template reproduction


CARON Alexandre, Project manager, Responsible for task 5. Metrological validation  

SALLES Sébastien, R&D Engineer, Electronic developments

CEUGNIET Nicolas, R&D Engineer, Mechanical development, Integration of components

BOIZARD Christophe, Technician, Systems developement/Implementation on site